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Dog Boarding

We are a small kennel with a personal touch.  Your pet is allowed a lot of freedom and affection. The owner lives on the property.
Our fees are all inclusive, we do what it takes to make your dog feel welcome and taken care of. Med’s, Food, Playtime and Attention!

We have grass yards for your pet to play in, if you want him or her to have a buddy dog to go play with we will pal them up with one.  There  is also a inside slumber party rooms where the dogs get to play together and nap and sleep.

All dogs are separated when it is dinner time so there is no fighting over food and for the dogs that do not like to play with others however dogs who prefer to dine alone will also get plenty of outside time.

We have horses for your dog to bark at for entertainment and a radio is playing all the time. Your pet gets treats when they come in from outside.
Stay N Play Pet Place has heat and has AC for your pet’s comfort. Our runs and suites are big and spacious. We are very proud of what we’ve built and try to use the cage free approach.

Kathryn has worked as a vet tech and also shown dogs, she also lives on the property.

Please come by for a tour on Wednesday at 5pm make an appointment first so we know you are coming or look at our online video tour. Make reservations on the reservations page.